Don't worry we will walk you through it.

These instructions are designed to help you produce and make the most from your digital advertising campaigns. Content is king and good content is essential. In this case the videos you will be filming is the content we are referring to. Lets make sure it's done right.

1. Hold Phone Horizontally

When filming please be sure to frame yourself at least a third (1/3) of the way in either direction horizontally (left/right).

If you film vertically on your phone it will shoot lengthly vertically vs horizontally which will make it hard to properly portray the desired message.

You should always film horizontally whether in selfie or standard mode.

2. Show The Damage Correctly

When filming yourself in selfie mode we recommend using a selfie stick or a stabilizer for the mobile device. The more understanding and clear your message comes across, the better the odds of converting leads.

Make sure to follow the 1/3 rule and show the damage you are describing in the background. These are some basic guides to initiate the filming process. Feel free to get creative as you get more comfortable behind the lens.

3. Customer Testimonials Are Essential

Getting a review with a client is always a good idea. But, getting a customers review on video is essential and will help with the digital advertising campaign as we scale through your desired zip codes.

Show either you and your customers in front of the home or your happy customers in front of their newly installed roof. Make sure all filming takes place once the clean up is complete.

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